Final Exam – review

In this article, I have chosen to talk you a little about the game Final Exam. I can’t tell you the exact story because in multiplayer mode there are disabled some cinematic sequences that are linking between them all movie monsters stereotypes, used as narrative elements. It is a game about four individuals who probably have nothing to do with their lives, there are on the way to their high school reunion, when a bunch of monsters come. The four are: an athlete, a dancer, a hipster and what appears to be an individual too obsessed with guns. And during this beat’em-up, brawler, or whatever you want to call this, you can play any role up to 8 levels, either alone, or with another player on the gamepad, or a full team of four, via the internet.

It isn’t necessary that every character to be represented once, they can be also clones. After all, is not Left 4 Dead, you don’t have team mates controlled by the AI. Although, this may have been good in the single player mode, because this is not very fun when you play alone in the single player campaign.

Why? Because you are alone. All alone in a handful of levels that sometimes stretch more than they should and also repeat. There are levels that are strewn with goals, you have to run randomly endlessly, picking a plant for a scientist, escorting I don’t know who to somewhere, collecting another thing, escorting someone else, and from time to time to get to do some fun stuff, like throwing monsters in a blender, Space Invaders or like the flies level from Rayman.

For the most part, you want to have somebody next to you, someone to ensure that you are not completely trampled by enemies, or that a small mistake is not fatal. It is doing better than Left 4 Dead at the resurrection part. If you fail, you have a number of lives that you can use to get up again. In the single player mode, your last life lost means that you died. But in the multiplayer mode, everything is much more forgiving. You can be raised whenever your team mates help you.

To sum up my small review, Final Exam is not the best game I have ever played, but at the same time is not the worst. Maybe is they have combined somehow the single player mode with the multiplayer mode, or have had other options in the single player mode, this game should have been perfect. But still it is a good game to enjoy.